Cool 10 Deep images

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Some cool 10 deep images:

Thunderdome – Blood on the Sand
10 deep

I was only partially injured while getting this photo from the wild sands of Burning Man.

A group tenderly called the "Death Guild" erected a Thunderdome in the desert city here at Burning Man. I was riding home on my customized Mad Max bike (thx for making it for me +Cliff Baise !), and I saw hundreds converging on the Thunderdome for a massive fight. Screaming hordes started climbing the super-structure to get a closer look. By the time I arrived, the observers were 10 deep on all sides, everyone crushing in to get a view of the big fight …

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the whole story here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Just Kraach im Deep 10
10 deep

Apr 2014
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39 Responses to : Cool 10 Deep images

  1. Daniel Horande Photography says:

    Amazing Capture, Love it man

    Daniel Horande Photography - View my 'Louisiana on HDR' set on Flickriver

  2. ♫ Lion ♫ says:


  3. [mementosis] says:

    ha, great capture..

  4. RKHawaii says:


  5. Margall photography says:

    nice sport dome

  6. kimdokhac says:

    great one !

  7. brian.ball60 says:

    Love this mate :)

  8. n&s I Photography says:

    What’s this?? Amazing place!!!!

  9. Michael Angelo 77 says:


  10. bluehazyjunem says:


  11. smiles7 says:

    This is totally awesome. Would love to see this.

  12. Nate Parker Photography says:

    i saw this when you put it up on G+ a few weeks back and was Totally Blown Away! the description + the image make this one of the most surreal and bizarre crazy shots i’ve seen this year! Awesome! your space shuttle shot is my fav of the year tho-

  13. Le***Refs *PHOTOGRAPHIE* says:

    awesome place , and great shot !

  14. Cliff_Baise says:

    Glad I could help with the bike! Can’t wait to do this again!

  15. Nahni Bee says:

    Love this shot lil bro!

  16. Zur@imiAbro@d says:

    a very cool shot! love this v much :)

  17. counteragent says:

    There’s something you don’t see everyday.

  18. JGo9 says:

    OK now that’s just cool!

  19. Jill Clardy says:

    Fascinating structure !

  20. agasfer says:

    Here is a video of this stupid shit

    I’ll need maybe 5 beers to find this crap entertaining.

  21. Paulie M2010 says:

    Hope you were’nt too injured Trey :-) Very nice work!

  22. says:

    two man enter…ONE man leave!

  23. Paulo_Veiga says:

    Love the shot…only

  24. FVDB Photography says:

    that looks intense! awesome story, would love to visit burning man some day

  25. Saeed Nakho says:

    Great shot!

  26. patricia_grrb says:

    Great in motion shot!

  27. Valentino Grassi (Ideas in Motion) says:

    good job!

  28. malc_smith says:

    everything about this is AWESOME!!

  29. gurana says:

    Awetacular. I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m disorientated by this shot.

  30. malc_smith says:

    [] Awetacular IS now a word!

  31. saloooooo7 says:

    There’s something you don’t see everyday.

  32. sundance22 says:

    great shot!

  33. The Exposed Present says:

    Great capture. I have several buddies that took on thunderdome and the pics looked really cool. It is nice to see such a solid image of the event.

  34. theqspeaks says:

    This is freaking EPIC! Great job.

  35. sachinip says:

    wow. super capture and interesting backstory

  36. popago says:


  37. N i c o_ says:


  38. michaeltminella says:

    Sooo? Which one left? ;)

  39. Linhy says:

    what da!

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